K&A Engineering, Inc. took this project from initial lotting studies through final engineering and construction. The project being a gated residential community of over 500 luxury homes, a future commercial site and a public golf course, located within the I-15 corridor just south of the City of Corona within unincorporated Riverside County.

K&A prepared early lotting studies as the project expanded with the addition of new properties and in coordination with multiple golf course designers. Entitlement activities included preparation of multiple tentative parcel maps, and tentative tract maps, plot plans, annexations into utility service districts and preparation of engineering sections of the specific plan.

Project engineering included the preparation of mass grading plans for the project and golf course for the movement of over 12 million yards, with street grades of 12 percent, slopes up to 150 feet in height and variable slope ratio approaching 1 ½:1. Multiple drainage studies were prepared, starting with the tentative map and specific plan, hydrology studies prepared for pre and post development incorporated multiple detention basins, not only mitigating development impacts but also reducing offsite flows to meet capacities of existing downstream facilities. Final engineering included the design of backbone and local storm drains, eight water quality facilities (dual pond basins, sand filters and bioswales) and natural mitigation streams. Utility engineering included backbone and local water mains within three pressure zones, sites for both above ground and buried water reservoirs, and booster pump station. Backbone sewer improvements included deep gravity mains, sewer pump station and force main. K&A Engineering, Inc. also prepared street improvement plans with grades up to 12 percent, precise grading plans for both residential tracks, golf course club house, and maintenance facilities, retaining wall plans, final parcel maps, final tract maps, and provided engineering support for CFD formations.

Survey services, by K&A included early boundary survey, topographic mapping, final map preparation, all aspects of construction staking including the golf courses and club house and final project monumentation. Office engineers were onsite through out construction, prepared final as built plans and assisted in project closeout activities.