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At K&A Engineering, we are committed to providing the most proficient and productive survey services available.  Part of this commitment is providing our survey crews and support staff with the technologies, equipment and training to make each task as efficient as possible.  Each of our survey field crews is equipped with an up-to-date survey tool box which includes: GPS (Global Positioning System), RTK (Real Time) receivers, Robotic Total Station EDM (Electronic Distance Meter), Handheld PC/Windows-Based Data Collectors using TDS (Tripod Data Systems) Software, and a full compliment of conventional survey tools to complete the assigned tasks.  Our office staff is equally well-equipped to provide quality services using PC-Based Software.  Our primary tool is AutoDesk Land Development Desktop (LDD), which provides excellent field-to-finish flow and the quality of finished products we are proud to provide to our clients.  We also employ a wide variety of other mapping, processing and reduction software that provide the high level of support we strive to maintain for our survey crews. 


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Survey Equipment