Sherborn Industrial Park -
City of Corona

Public Works      

The Sherborn Industrial Park is located on Sherborn Street southerly of Magnolia Avenue in the eastern portion of the City of Corona. This project was the joint effort of the property owner and the City of Corona to provide for the development of approximately 100 acres of blighted property into 40 acres of industrial park and 60 acres of open space. K&A Engineering assisted the City of Corona in the preparation and processing of a Change of Zone and a Tentative Parcel Map for this project.

K&A Engineering provided the final design which included a final parcel map, mass grading and rough grading plans along with street, sewer, water, and storm drain plans to facilitate the industrial development of this property. Due to the proximity to the Temescal Wash, drainage issues were critical in the design of the project. K&A prepared the CLOMR submittal documents and studies and provided the design of the extension of a double 8’x10” RCB across Sherborn Street.