Sampson Avenue Pavement Improvements -
City of Corona

Public Works  

Sampson Avenue is a 2 ½ mile segment of industrial/commercial Collector Street in the City of Corona that was built over many years. Much of the street had fallen into disrepair due to a combination of issues such as increased traffic loading, improper construction, and deferred maintenance. The City of Corona contracted with K&A Engineering, Inc to prepare a Pavement Study, Provide Recommendations, and prepare Street Improvement plans for the rehabilitation of Sampson Avenue.

K&A Engineering prepared a Pavement Study to determine pavement rehabilitation alternatives. The Study included researching City records for the as-built information and obtaining pavement core samples required to determine the existing street structural section and the subgrade information. K&A Engineering then generated a list of 12 different pavement rehabilitation strategies, and provided a preliminary cost comparison of the different approaches. And finally, K&A Engineering’s provided the City with recommendations to the City of Corona Public Works Department that included three different strategies for the 2 ½ mile long project, Slurry Seal, Mill & Fill, and Full Depth Rehabilitation (FDR) with cement stabilization.

K&A Engineering prepared improvement plans implementing the recommendations of the pavement study and provided a 20-year design life for the street. The plans also included the repair of damaged curb and gutter, cross gutters, driveway approaches, curb ramps, and traffic detection loops. Traffic Striping plans were also prepared by K&A Engineering for Sampson Avenue.