Railroad Canyon Road/Newport Road 54" Recycled & 30" Brine Water Lines - Eastern Municipal Water District

Public Works    

Under contract to Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD), K&A Engineering, Inc. designed the relocation of 1300-feet of 54-inch Cement Mortar Lined and Coated (CML&C) Recycled Water Line and the relocation of 1300-feet of 30-inch CML&C Brine Line in Railroad Canyon Road west of Goetz Road in the Menifee / Canyon Lake area of Riverside County.

The 54-inch Reclaimed Water Line provides a major outfall of treated effluent from EMWD’s wastewater treatment plants and conveys this reclaimed water for irrigation in the area. The 30-inch Brine Line is a major outfall for industrial waste in the area, linking the EMWD service area with SAWPA’s large diameter SARI line to the Orange County Sanitation District’s treatment facilities.

Because the Brine line serves industries in the area, flows to the line can be reduced significantly for a short period of time but can not be totally stopped. Therefore, K&A Engineering’s design of the 30-inch Brine Line called out for “line stops” with a small diameter by-pass to allow the brine line to be cut and relocated without totally stopping all service.

EMWD required that a mainline valve be installed in the 30-inch Brine Line to provide EMWD crews the flexibility of shutting the line down for maintenance and/or emergencies. Due to the extremely harsh character of the brine, the proper valve selection was critical. K&A Engineering’s design called out for a rubber lined plug valve installed in a vault. This combination provides a valve suited to withstand the corrosive environment of the Brine and provides EMWD crews access for maintenance and inspection to minimize the chances of leaks.

Also included in the design was soils testing, design of Cathodic Protection, installation of Blow-Offs, and the installation of Manways in Manholes for the section of the pipelines. The construction is scheduled for mid 2011.