Murrieta/La Piedra Water Transmission Pipeline -
Eastern Municipal Water District

Public Works  

The project consisted of the design of approximately 4,000 feet of large diameter water main for Eastern Municipal Water District in Murrieta Road and La Piedra Road to complete a master planned “loop” serving the Sun City area of the County.

K&A Engineering, Inc. prepared the improvement plans and specifications for 2,600 feet of 24-inch PVC waterlines within existing public right-of-way in improved roadway and 1,400 feet of 30-inch CML&C waterline in unimproved right-of-way. Included in the design was establishing connections to the EMWD trunk lines to complete the missing link for the water transmission and design of cathodic protection.

K&A Engineering’s Survey Crews provide the design survey and performed the construction staking.