La Habra Hills -
City of La Habra

Public Works  

The La Habra Hills project was a 200 acre master planned community in the cities of La Habra and La Mirada. K&A Engineering, Inc. was responsible for preparation of the improvement plans, grading plans, and construction documents for this project. K&A provided project coordination with City of La Habra, City of La Mirada, CALTRANS, the Army Corps of Engineers, Orange County and Los Angeles County. In addition, K&A was responsible for the coordination with the private sub-consultants providing support services to City of La Habra and City of La Mirada.

The design services provided included widening Beach Boulevard and re-surfacing the remainder of the existing pavement width. Extensive drainage improvements were incorporated into this Beach Boulevard widening project. This design work was performed for the City of La Habra, on behalf of the private developer. Since portions of the project were in Caltrans right-of-way, all the engineering drawings and specifications were coordinated, approved and permitted through CALTRANS.

K&A Engineering, Inc. was also responsible for preparing engineering drawings and specifications for the widening of Idaho Street in the City of La Habra. These services included modifications to existing traffic signals, striping plans, detour plans, construction drawings and the construction cost estimate.