Ceres Way -
City of Fontana

Public Works  

Ceres Way is a 60 unit affordable housing apartment complex being developed in the City of Fontana along Ceres Avenue. This project is a joint venture between the City of Fontana Housing Authority and Jamboree Housing. This project involved the demolition of several existing homes and the consolidation of several lots into a single parcel through the recordation of a parcel map.

K&A Engineering prepared and processed the tentative parcel maps and assisted the project team in obtaining approvals for the site plan documents. K&A Engineering also prepared the final engineering documents which included the onsite grading, drainage, sewer, water and fire service plans. In conjunction with this development K&A Engineering also prepared a hydrology study, flood plain analysis, a SWPPP and a Water Quality Management Plan. Construction staking services were also provided by K&A Engineering.