Canyon Heights -
County of Riverside

Public Works  

Canyon Heights is a 400-lot subdivision in southwest Riverside County.  The project included the design and permitting of streambed alteration permits and clearances through State and Federal Agencies.  K&A provided engineering support in providing exhibits, written text and calculations to support the applications prepared by the County.  K&A also prepared and processed the Tentative Tract Map and obtained approval from the County of Riverside.

The project design included: constructing a grass-lined, trapezoidal, channel section in an existing unnamed streambed; the construction of drop structures; a rip rap revetment to protect proposed homes; off-channel water quality basins and an existing, “in-channel”, 65-acre-ft, detention basin.  The channel was designed to receive a one hundred year storm flow of 1700 cfs.  Our services included preparing an hydrology report identify the watershed, preparation of existing and proposed hydrographs and the preparation of a report including assumptions, calculations, results, recommendations and summary.  The project was processed through the Riverside County Flood Control District for approval.