Boulder Springs/Boulder Heights -
County of Riverside

Public Works    

The Boulder Springs / Boulder Height project was a 180 acre residential / commercial project with 258 dwelling units and 10 acres of commercial. The project require the design of on-site and off-site water, sewer, irrigation, storm drain, sewer pump stations, and the design of the realignment of Cajalco Road.

K&A Engineering, Inc. prepared the improvement plans for WMWD water and sewer facilities. K&A Engineering prepared improvement plans for 3600 feet of 16-inch CML&C of WMWD irrigation line to replace and relocate an existing 14” line. K&A Engineering also designed the off-site sewer facilities for the construction of 5565-feet of 12-inch Sewer Force Main, 2900-feet of 12-inch gravity sewer line in Wood Road, 5,000-feet of 10-inch and 15-inch sewer line in Cajalco Road, and assisted in the design of two sewer pump stations (the Cajalco and the Markham Sewer Lift Stations). The project also included the realignment and widening of ¾-mile of Cajalco Road.

K&A Engineering provided hydrology studies, hydraulic calculations and the design of in-tract improvements, and the grading for the development. In-tract improvements designed by K&A Engineering included 17300-feet of 8-inch and 10-inch sewer line, 17475-feet of 8-inch PVC and 1166-feet of CML&C waterline, and Storm Drain Facilities, including 16,000-feet of pipe ranging in size from 18-inch to 84-inch along with the 600-feet of 4x6 RCB and 400-feet of double 4x6 RCB. A 2 ½ -acre off-site water quality basin (Daily Basin) was designed by K&A Engineering to provide for the NPDES water quality needs for the development.