Beach Street Storm Drain -
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

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The Beach Street Storm Drain Project lies within the residential community of Mira Loma along Beach Street , between 59 th and 53 rd Street, in unincorporated Riverside County. This section of Mira Loma was originally developed in the first half of the twentieth century with most lots developed by individual home builders without the benefit of storm drains or a master plan of drainage. This resulted in many properties and streets subject to storm water inundation.

K&A Engineering, Inc. was selected by RCFC as the Civil Engineer to study the drainage area, prepare a hydrology study, develop the alignment, perform the hydraulic calculations, and prepare the Storm Drain Improvement Plans for the storm drain system to protect the existing 200 acre neighborhood.

K&A Engineering, Inc. prepared a Preliminary Design Report to study various alignment options which RCFC & WCD used to select the most beneficial and cost effective storm drain alignment. The studies prepared by K&A determined that the 100 year storm flow from the existing, built out neighborhood generates a flow of approximately 400 cubic feet per second.

K&A’s final design consists of approximately 6100 LF of reinforced concrete storm drain system ranging from a 7’x7’ box transitioning to a 24” diameter pipe over the course of the alignment with an outlet into the Pyrite Channel. The design includes the relocation of existing utilities (sewer & water) as well as a plan to maintain existing utility services to local residents while construction takes place.