Public Works  

Private Development Projects

"The Retreat" Golf & Country Club - County of Riverside

Audie Murphy Ranch - County of Riverside

Boulder Springs/Boulder Heights - County of Riverside

Aqua Dulce Project - County of Los Angeles

Eagle Glen Phase III - City of Corona

La Habra Hills - City of La Habra

Canyon Heights - County of Riverside

New Horizons - City of Perris

Sun Ranch - Sun City

Perris 642 - County of Riverside

Ceres Way - City of Fontana

Kobelco/Rincon - City of Corona

Leinin Business Park - County of Riverside

JBJ Ranch - County of Riverside

Thermal 551 - County of Riverside

Public Works Projects

Railroad Canyon Road/Newport Road 54" Recycled Water Line & 30" Brine Line Relocation Project - Eastern Municipal Water District

Newport Road & Goetz Road Completion of Improvements - County of Riverside

Beach Street Storm Drain - Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

Newport Road & Berea Road Improvement Plans - County of Riverside

Sampson Avenue Pavement Improvements - City of Corona

2009 Safe Route to Schools Street Project - City of Corona

Sherborn Industrial Park - City of Corona

4th Street Water Line Project & Pavement Resurfacing - City of Ontario

2007/2008 Major Pavement Rehabilitation Project - City of Corona

Auburndale Clubhouse Access Ramp - City of Corona

Murrieta/La Piedra Water Transmission Pipeline - Eastern Municipal Water District

Corona City Hall Project - City of Corona

La Bonita Park Project - City of La Habra

Main Street Improvements - City of Corona